Sculptures by Connetta

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sculptures by connetta

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Large Rabbit in green dress…

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Sitting Rabbit…

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hand made paper mache pulp….

Toufa On Ice…

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this sculpture is made of a mixture of concrete,sand peatmoss and water…the mixture is pressed into a mold…or can be hand sculpted….this sculptures head was made using a plaster paris mold….cake pans ..jellow molds or bowls can be used…anything it will pop back out of. the purpose of the peat moss is that this sculpture will grow moss.and becomes quite unique and beautiful….most of my friends make planters and bird baths out of this mixture…..For myself they have sold well at shows.3234308782_24c7153f741

A Fun Easy Craft to make….

Variety of paper mache Items..

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Items  made over gourds, driftwood, pods, cardboard, light bulbs and   craft cones…all made of paper mache pulp…2463904353_2b2e88b397