Moons/snowmen etc/ Paper mache


~ by connetta on October 24, 2008.

3 Responses to “Moons/snowmen etc/ Paper mache”

  1. Hi Connetta, thanks for your kind comments on my works. I see you’re a very creative person yourself. I love your angels. And I love how your paper mache looks. I would like to try your recipe, it looks like clay. Mine is store bought powder.

  2. Hello..
    I too have bought,many times, the store bought celuclay…it’s expencive..
    my recipe is very simple..i put white paper, ( like typing paper, junk mail, envelopes..anything used or unused..into a blender and strain it through cloth ( a old silk slip, tied off is what i use..)once the water is all squeezed out. i add my glue..( flour and water glue or wall paper paste) when you use flour and water glue add a little bleach,,,to keep the bugs away…when i’ve made enough paper pulp for a batch..i add the glue and use a old hand mixer to mix it together..i know it sounds hard, but its not and its very cheap to make especially compared to celluclay ..if you know a school teacher or someone who has access to lots of old used paper, it makes it quite friend is a janitor in a office building..i’m trying to get you on my blogrool. keep checking.
    oh, and i’ve quite a ways to go to catch up with you talent wise.

  3. Connie,
    thank you very much for your recipe. I might try it. I already do half of it -blending, straining-for my hanmade paper wall art. I’ll just have to add the glue to it. and experiment with the right consistency of course.

    I don’t agree with you re: your last sentence. We just do different stuff, that’s all.

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