Old sculpture I’m going to re-do

this is a really old sculpture from back in the 90’s..i wanted to make a story teller but couldn’t get the faces right..so she became a woman holding a basket of tomatoes…i plan to work on her but wanted to document her before i started…she’s made of paper mache.



~ by connetta on November 2, 2008.

2 Responses to “Old sculpture I’m going to re-do”

  1. Hi Connetta, I really like this piece. Without colour it reminds me of native American or pre-Columbian sculpture.

  2. thanks erika, it was intended to be a “storyteller” the tomatotes in her basket was gonna be the faces of kids..but for some reason i just couldn’t get her right..she’s old. I’m going to either make the kids faces stand out or give the tomatoes/apples some leaves at the top to make it more clear what they are. don’t know.
    started working on a large paper mache santa sitting in a paper mache chair and have around 17 Angels i’m doing this week….been busy, have around 7 of the angels done so far. havn’t posted any pictures yet…

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