A Santa Named Bruce…


This Santa  is one of my 1st attempts at sculpting…He’s close to 4 foot tall.. It was 1995, my grandfather had just died and I’d been to visit a friend who made her living sculpting huge Santas and stuff..using chicken wire and tomato cage forms..I went home that night and wanted so bad to start making one myself..in the corner of the living room i had a tall fake potted tree..the more i looked at it the more i saw it as a armiture for a Santa..and within a few hours i was making this guy..i call him Bruce because – Bruce springsteen was very popular in the Newspaper that week.  and i stuffed him with the articles i had in a stack of Newspapers..Someday if someone opens him up they can read all about Bruce. He’s my Mascot, goes to all my shows. he’s heavy . once i fell down the stairs trying to carry him down for a show. In this picture you’ll see walking sticks. they are made of driftwood with things made of paper mache added.


~ by connetta on November 9, 2008.

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