One Sculptors Thoughts and Ideas on sculpting……

Sometimes i don’t know if it’s a blessing  or curse to be full of Creativity all the time…Seems like it overwhelms me, i seldom “decide to sculpt”, i usually “HAVE” to sculpt. it won’t leave me alone untill i mix up the clay and start using it..I know that I found sculpting back in the 80’s when i was in my early 30’s. unlike Poetry, which found me..i rhymed words before i could read or write them, ( or so they tell me)….Sculpting was something i decided to do…One evening i was visiting a friend and she was making christmas ornaments with cookie cutters and flour and salt clay.And she was selling them as fast as she made them.  she painted them with stained glass window paint, and they was beautiful. I went home that night and told my family i was going to make some, but i didn’t want to use cookie cutters…that night i made my 1st batch of bakers clay and i’ve been doing it ever since then..the flour and salt items sell best at art and craft shows..they are easy and  in-expencive to make . They dry in a regular kitchen oven and whole sets can be made in a day.

I discovered Terricotta clay, which has to be fired in a kiln…back in the early 90’s…i was taking care of a young man in a coma, his parents collected day i took them some pig sculptures i’d made with flour and salt…little fence’s with pigs poking their heads and butts though..and they also colleced Amish figures..and i made them a few with Amish people talking over a fence from bakers clay..they asked me why i didn’t do them with real clay? and i said i had no clue where to buy the clay – what to buy or even how to use it..2 days later clay was delivered to my front door. And my love of clay was born..clay is my least favorite clay to use..but people say i do my best work with it. for several years i sculpted daily with clay, untill the man who fired it in the kiln for me “Joe”  died.I never bothered to find someone new to fire clay for me so i didn’t use it for years….. In 1994 i was at a art show in Ohio called “the backwoods fest”..and a woman asked my daughter why i didn’t have anything made out of clay..and my daughter told her the story of how Joe had died.. the woman and her husband bought 2 of my larger Paper Mache items, and waited for me to return to the booth to sign them. They told me they had a huge electric kiln  used 2 times with all the trimmings that i could have ..and a few days later they delivered it themselves to my door..( they lives 50 miles from me)…so i have now have a kiln, i just don’t know how to run it. Someday soon, hopefully, i will become brave and do all kinds of clay sculptures again..For me the Kiln was a blessing. it’s like barnd new. a large kiln. and has everything i need from shelves to firing cones and all the trimmings. to get it free from a stranger, i never saw before or since that day to me is a Blessing from God. So i intend to get back into clay and do all kinds of things..

I discovered Paper mache around 1995. While visiting a sculptor that one of my friends had met..she was making paper mache everything. antas, angels, fish, rabbits faces on driftwood and pines cones and pods,,she even painted leaves with santa faces….Beautiful work. Santas 3 foot tall..She inspired me so much i went home and mixed up my first batch of paper mache..It’s my favorite to work with..dries on it’s own and can be repaired easily. unlike clay and flour and salt dough . once they are broken they are gone forever. Paper mache can be repaired and fixed very easily..

what you see in this blog, is just a tiny bit of what i’ve done ..I didn’t discover a computor or own/use  a digital camera untill my Mother died and left me hers in June  2004. Untill that time i couldn’t even turn one on..i was determined to learn  as a rememberence of my Mother, who tried and tried to get me to learn to use a computor..these days I do the best i can and hope she can see my blogs and pictures… i don’t have a scanner. once i get a scanner look out. I have boxes full of pictures. I have a picture of just about everything i’ve ever made.

If you found me as a stanger, may you soon be my friend. i’m here to teach what i know and learn what i can..hopefully theres some new Creative friends out there just creating away like myself. I’ve come to believe that creative people live a lonesome life. Untill they make creative friends. then it gets hectic but seems to answer so many questions.


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