About Me…My Friends call me Connie

I’m a self taught ,still learning… sculptor from Ohio..i was born Dec 30th 1952…married forever, have 2 grown children, 5 grandkids…i started sculpting back in 1985 when a friend was making christmas ornaments with cookie cutters…i went straight home and made some, without the cookie cutters, since then i’ve  made many many flour and salt dough items and still make them – they sell good at shows……in 1990 i discovered i could sculpt clay…i was working, taking care of a boy in a coma when i brought his parents  a sculpture I’d made of flour and salt, they asked me why i didn’t use clay, i said, i had no idea what to buy or where to buy it..the next day clay was delivered to my door and my life forever changed…in 1995, i met a woman who sculpts paper mache and watched her make a huge Santa, i was hooked. paper mache  pulp is my favorite clay to work with. If you found me please do not stay a stranger, return as a friend. I made this blog to share my ideas, most have already been sold -given away or killed when i re-done them for what ever reason…I’m not here to sell my work, i’m here to share what I’ve done and to get to know, and to learn from other creative people…I have 3 blogs on wordpress, and a flickr site…

to find my poetry blog on word press “Picture a Poem”


to find my word press blog “Picture Ohio”…where words are few..( i tend to like believing pictures speak for themselves…)   http://pictureohio.wordpress.com/

to find me on flickr….where i have over 6,ooo pictures of the Ohio Backroads..over there i’m the “Backroad Drifter”….



my first blog ever was on Blogstream…i called myself “The River Rat”…. May 2009 be  Your best  year ever, …and peace be a world wide blessing…

my only daughter “Terri”  is a writer of books, her book “365 days of walking the red road” by terri jean. is doing quite well. she’s also a professional  photographer ..i have a link to her blog on blogroll..


my hope is for Peace in this world…


5 Responses to “About Me…My Friends call me Connie”

  1. Dear Connie, I found you via PM resources, your site is wonderful. I work in handmade papers and have a quick (?) question. I’m trying to build a form to wrap with various lightweight items and papers. I think PM will work as the form. What kind of paste would you suggest using to keep this as archival as possible. The form itself can be quite lumpy, I just need a light but sturdy base to wrap. I thought good quality cotton/acid free paper. thewoodburys@q.com

  2. K
    i use hand made glue or wall paper paste. but for strength, you might want to use elmers glue watered down some..there’s all kinds of paper mache glues you could use…
    if i was you i’d go to this link I’m adding and join up ( it’s free) and submitt the question to them, they are always helpful and tend you take time out to answer questions..it’s all about paper mache at that site.. good luck.

  3. I really love the angel who appears to be black,is she blowing a horn?To all who are passing thru Connie is also a great teacher,she taught me back in 96..I need to start up again.Beautiful site,Connie c

  4. Good mornging, I found your site as I was looking for someone to repair a paper mache tiger of my brother-in-law’s that my 5 year old daughter sat on and broke the leg. He LOVES tigers and really cherishes this unique one. By any chance do you make repairs? I also live in Ohio near Akron

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