3 Faces…and ornaments..

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3 faces…ornaments made over a lightbulb and a corncob..all made of paper mache pulp.


Christmas in Cambridge Ohio

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While riding through Cambridge i found a beautiful life sized,   display of Paper mache sculptures of people from the Dickens story…..they are all over down town, .and thought i’d spread the word…if you live  in Ohio, and you love paper mache…try to go down and see. here’s a link to their website with all the details..

although i had no part in making these beautiful sculptures, i did take the pictures posted here on this post….. just a few of the ones i took that day… This is the ONLY work on this blog that i did not make myself..i’m just posting this so you can read about how they created them etc…http://dickensvictorianvillage.com/overview.html

Cat Wall hanging…

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Paper mache wall hanging..flat on back…made with paper strips..no pulp…

Angel with prayer pocket..

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This  Angel has been a part of my living room for many years, Though i’ve sold several made on the order of her. this one is my favorite. She’s over 20″  long and was my 1st attempt at using old newspapers folded- long wys –  in the shape of her dress .I  covered  it in alumiumn foil. adding arms and a head…..layers of paper mache pulp was then  added as she got her head and arms and all the little things…she’s made to hang on a wall..I enjoy putting prayers for others,  inside all my Angels, and had a idea to make a pocket, that others could roll up and place their own special prayer  in her little pocket..

Everyone loves her and tries to talk me out of her…She could still use a heavy antique finish..but i like her like she is..

old man in blue hat…

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making a paper mache chair…early stages.

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I used  small wooden chairs  for molds..I covered in alumiumn foil…then covered in strips of brown paper sacks..this is just 1 layer…has a long way to go…when i feel confident it is strong. i will cut it from the wood..and paste  it back together…then i will add  moe paper strips to seal it …i will then add paper pulp to cover it all. I have no idea yet what will sit in the chairs…santas, rabbits, angels, i know not at this stage…can do anything..make a story teller type person would be nice too…this is my first attempt at cloaning a wood chair..so i can’t wait to see what it comes out like. any advice from those who have “been there, done that” …all are welcome.

Old Fashoned..Uncle Sam….

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